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Rental Duration: Begins at time of pick up. 

Note:  This truck has been used in multiple Movies, Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Shows and more.  It was in multiple episodes of the Incredible Hulk, Knotts Landing, Baywatch, and many more.  It is very easy to incorporate it  into in many settings.  It has been a go to for a quick fix on many Film Sets. It is a very popular rental. IF you need a specific or different vehicle or anything else then please email us prodprop@gmail.com.  We are always here to help.

Past Uses:

Water, Fuel, Chemical, Food Transport Truck

Construction, County, City, Fire Department, Military, Truck

Chase, Crash, Explotion, Smugling, Hijacked, Truck

Road Block, Backround, Set Blocker, Rain Maker, And Much More  

You name it and it might have done it.


In Stock: 1


Dimensions: 1" X 1" X 1"


Colors: Multiple 


Materials: Multiple


Location: North Vehicle Storage Yard


Lister: R-G & E-A



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There are no exceptions to the above notes.

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